Mapa Expo, Simposio de jales, Smig, 2023

The price of the single booth is $3500 USD plus taxes.


Registration Descriptión Diamond
$85,000 MXN
$70,000 MXN
$55,000 MXN
$40,000 MXN
$25,000 MXN
Publicity (prior to the symposium) Free Registration 4 4 3 3 2
Logo Exposure on Website
Banner Exposure on Website -
Logo Exposure on SNS Pages - -
Banner Exposure on SNS Pages - - -
Logo Exposure on Mobile App - - -
Publicity (during the symposium) Logo Exposure in E-Newsletter - - -
Logo Printed on the Event Signage - - - -
Programme Book Advertisement - - - -
Logo Printed on the Name Badges - - - -
Half-page ad in Geotecnia magazine* - - - -
* Publication in number of the magazine that gives coverage to the Symposium. Design provided by the sponsor.


Description Price MXN
Sponsorship of symposium backpacks Company logo $75,000
Meal Sponsorship Official food sponsor title written on the menu
Distribution of a commercial postcard of the sponsor in each place of the diner.*
Coffee break sponsorship Official lunch sponsor title written on the menu
Sponsor promotional banner
Sponsorship of conferences Banner in the conference room $50,000
Souvenir sponsorship Printed logo of the company on the souvenir $50,000
Sponsorship of the program Logo printed in the symposium program $50,000
Sponsorship of badge ribbons and badges Printed company logo $50,000
Sponsorship of the Symposium booklet Printed company logo $50,000
* Design and printing is done by the sponsor.